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The Brew

The world of craft beer is our passion. It allows us to express our creativity and challenge ourselves in unique ways, by delivering a wide variety of styles and flavors to all the craft beer enthusiasts. What makes our brews so special is that they appeal to not only these enthusiasts, but to anyone looking for a cold pint to satisfy their palate.

The Feast

Beer isn’t the only thing we’re passionate about! We have put together a very diverse menu for you to enjoy as well, as our Executive Chef hand picks local ingredients to utilize in our kitchen. We have brought more to the table than your traditional pub-grub.  You will find a wide range of hearty, unique dishes with both beer integration and pairing in mind.

Why Kickstand

Actually, we get that question a lot. Perhaps it is due to the parallels that can be drawn between the history and evolution of the bike and the advances and rich history of beer! Well, we could make up some really creative idea like that. How the two are so closely aligned and the perfection that goes into crafting a good bike is very similar to the perfection, creativity and artistry that it takes to create a full bodied, robust, solid beer. But hey, that’s not how we roll. (See what we did there?)

In all honesty, when you think about it what does a kickstand represent? Putting it down means you have finished a ride or a journey, putting it up means you are just getting started on another chapter. That’s the way we look at our friendship and our shared passion for what we are trying to accomplish. To provide world class beer that is uniquely our own. It has been a dream of ours for many years. So, we suppose the kickstand represents not only the beginning of the journey pursuing our passion, but also all of the intermediate steps in between. Each batch represents a new opportunity for another journey. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Scott and Brendan