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You can take home our draft beer in the form of:

-1/2 barrel (15.5 gallons or about 124 – 16 oz. pints)
-1/6 barrel (5 gallons or about 41 – 16 oz. pints) 

When can I purchase and pick up my keg?

You may purchase a keg anytime by visiting us at the brewery. Please allow time for paperwork and handling. You may also request to hold a keg up to 48 hours in advance, by receiving confirmation from,

What beers do I have to choose from?

Check out our “On Tap” list to see what is pouring. Please be sure to have a second and third choice option as taps change frequently and not all beers and sizes are guaranteed to be available.

How much does my keg cost?

Prices vary between beers. Please inquire about the specific beers you are interested in. There is a $100 deposit on the keg and $25 deposit for a tapper.

How long can I have the keg?

Our kegs must be returned within two weeks. 

I have my own keg, can you fill it?

Yes, pending availability of request and lead-time of fill. Please contact for info on your requested beer, time frame and type of keg.